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Priadara Warm Thai Compress massage is a unique treatment.

Heated herbal compresses work to give a deep and

relaxing massage. These contain natural ingredients

chosen to compliment and enhance a feeling of

well-being for mind and body.

Thai massage dates back many hundreds of years

and was used in temples as a religious ceremony.

Thai massage is found today in many top Spas

in Thailand.

This unique Holistic treatment is carried out using heated herbal compresses for a deep massage and incorporating the use of pure coconut oil blended with essential oils for a truly luxurious experience.

The Herbal compresses are hand made in Thailand using only natural dried plants, peel, leaves, roots, grass stems and other extracts found in Thailand.

These are carefully wrapped in pure cotton to create firm compresses ready to be heated gently by steam to infuse the contents of the herbs and plants together ready to give an unforgettable treatment.


The benefits of Priadara Warm Thai Compress

can help to:

Thai Compress Treatments

Full luxury treatment

Full body including face and scalp £60.00  1 hour 30 mins

Luxury treatment

Full body not including face and scalp £45.00 1 hour

Back £28.00 30 mins

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