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Sound healing is one of the most primal and useful forms of healing. To understand how Sound Therapy works on our body, it’s important to know that water passes the vibrations 5 times faster than the air. The amount of water in the human body can be up to 70% so vibrations can be felt in the body significantly.

Here are some of the benefits of having sound therapy treatments

Deep relaxation and stress release

Releasing physical and emotional tension

Mental clarity

Reducing stress, anxiety, low-esteem, fatigue

Slowing heart rate

Lower anger and blood pressure

Increases blood flow

Chakra balancing

Balances both hemispheres of the brain

Helps with insomnia & sleep disorders

Promote stillness & well-being

Stimulates the immune system

Inspire deep meditative states

How Sound Therapy Affects Your Brainwaves

Sound can influence the brainwaves on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  It can help you achieve a deep state of relaxation giving you the potential to enter altered states of consciousness, this is something we do naturally when we daydream.

During the sound sessions, you may have therapeutic benefits by entering into daydreaming, dreamlike, and near-sleep states. These occur when the brainwaves lower from our wide-awake Beta state.

The brainwaves that are important are;

Beta brainwaves are when you are wide awake.

Theta is a relaxed near-sleep state and is important for the replenishment of sodium & potassium levels within the body.

Alpha state can bring about emotions of peace, bliss and tranquillity.

Delta is sleep which encourages you not to enter to gain the maximum benefit from your session.

Gamma is a harmonising frequency, with the observation of size and colour being associated with self-awareness and insight.

Let your brainwaves drift to reduce cortisol stress hormones, and aid your sodium and potassium needs.

Come back to reality feeling refreshed, peaceful, and joyful with a wonderful sense of well-being.



Our Healing Sound Baths are designed to take you on a journey of relaxation and self discovery through sound and give your body and mind that pure chill out time.

A nurturing and safe space

Maxine is known for holding the space with deep care and attention. She makes sure everyone feels safe and held throughout the experience. Her graceful style of sound baths creates a deeply nourishing sound journey that is uniquely yours.

Therapeutic instruments

Maxine works with a range of gongs, chimes, crystal singing bowls, tongue drums, Tibetan singing bowls and percussion instruments such as rain sticks, shakers and much more  

The acoustic sound from the instruments that are used has been found to have a very beneficial effect for listeners. For this reason, we only use our instruments, no electric or plugged in music is used, no cds or mp3s, only pure sound which is provided by an array of carefully chosen instruments.

Each sound generated by the instruments will work with you in different ways, as the vibrations are different. Often what is reported to be felt is a feeling of deep peace and relaxation. People can also have releases during a sound bath and may feel different emotions wash over them. I would emphasise the deep meditative state that you may find yourself entering, this is due to the sound waves’ interaction with your brain waves, as you gear down from everyday Beta waves to Alpha waves which are relaxed, sometimes you get to Theta waves that take you to a deeply relaxed state on the edge of sleep. So if you are curious as to what sound baths are like and what you can get out of them I would advice to join us.

Public and private group sessions

Maxine will take you on an exciting journey, lie down, relax and be bathed in the beautiful, deeply relaxing tones.  This virtual journey releases your mind and frees your spirit whilst using different and therapeutic sound instruments.

The therapeutic power of sound is well proven and researched – sound can be deeply healing,  and has the potential to reach far deeper than our conscious minds, so it can release on emotional, physical, mental and for some spiritual levels reducing our cortisol levels and aiding our sodium and potassium levels.


Public Group Sessions

Starting from £20.00 per person see Classes page for more details and dates..

Private Group Session at Tranquil Studios.

Arranged on a day and time of your choice if available.  

Minimum of 6 maximum of 8 people

Starting from £25.00 per person based on 60 - 90 minutes.

Private Group Session at a venue of your choice.

Arranged on a day and time of your choice if available.  

Starts at £50.00 per person based on 60 - 90 minutes plus travel expenses

We also offer Sound Healing Treatments more information HERE

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